Much more important than our name is what is behind it. We work with heart because our customers are important to us. We know them personally and can thus meet the wishes and needs and pass them on to our business partners and suppliers.

What counts is the quality and the trust - The best grounds for good cooperation.


We work with machine manufacturers, who have proven themselves over many years as a serious, competent and innovative Partner.

Are you looking for a Filling- and/or a Packaging Machine? A new one or completely overhauled by the manufacturer

Are you looking for spare parts? We have a big warehouse - that is Service!

Are you looking for a packaging to fill your product?

Are you looking for a Project Manager for a new project in your Production Company?

Then you are right with us.


We will be happy to assist you - From the first contact up to our after sales service concepts we focus on your needs and requirements.


That's us:

Heidi Haffter

Owner and Managing Director

My Motto: Small but nice!

Michelle Pix.jpg

Michelle Haffter


future Key Account

My Motto: Personalities are not formed by beautiful speeches, but by work and personal achievement. 

A. Einstein


Marina Paglialunga-Zito

Assistant of Direction

My Motto: Panta rhei!

Christian Gräser

Projectleader Toltabex AG and

Managing Director

G-Tech Solutions Gmbh

My Motto: We make it happen!